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17 March 2007

Oly E400

I told you before that I want to buy a digital camera. I also told you that I want it to be a dSLR. The only two brands I knew were Nikon and Canon. Till I went to PhotoEgypt2007 Exhibition last Friday.

Canon had a big booth, in the center of the Hall. They were showing their EOS 400D, they told me that it's price is LE 7,800, which is really expensive. May be because it's the most famous brand here, that's why they put high prices on their products. The camera was locked in a glass stand, and visitors were not allowed to play with it. They didn't even have brochures for their products.

Nikon almost has no resellers here in Egypt. Fujifilm had some Nikon cameras in their booth, but they only had the D80 and D200, when I asked them about the D40 or D50, they told me that they've never heard about them. They don't even know their own Finepix F30.

Most of the other exhibitors were either small shops selling old cameras with fishy prices, or companies selling printers, inks, frames, memory cards, lighting units, etc. I didn'r even see brands such as Sony, Sigma, Leica, and Pentax.

I then came across an Olympus distributer called Optoscient. They were showing two dSRL models there, E-330 and E-400. E-400's price was LE 5,500. I took their address and camera brochures and decided to add Olympus to my dSLR short list.

It came out that Olympus has great cameras, it has internal sensor cleaning system for example which is not in any of Nikon cameras nor Canon's EOS 350D. It's 10 Mega pixels with spex comparable to Nikon's D80 which is about 50% ~ 75% more expensive. I like their four-thirds standard, which allows for the interchange of lenses and bodies from different manufacturers. So when buying Oly I will not be limited to their Zuiko lenses. So I went last Thursday and bought that camera and I am really happy with it.

Looking forward to learn more about digital photography and add more photos with my new camera on Flickr.

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  1. Olympus are a respectable company, and you might have made a fantastic choice

    Tell me more about thier interchangeble lenses. Which other manufactureres can you use?

    And what lense did you buy with it? I won't part with Canon just yet. And waiting for the releases of new better cameras later this year

  2. Congratulations on the camera! You'll love dealing with an Olympus. We've been fans of it @ home since I was 6. They're very reliable.

    Take good photographs! :)

  3. @Qwaidar, Companies that support the four thirds standard are Eastman Kodak, Fujifilm, Leica, Panasonic, Olympus, Sanyo, and Sigma. You can find some compliant lenses here.

    @Deee, Thank you my friend,I wish to be as talanted as you are some day.

  4. Mabrook ,Mabrook ,waiting to see the new photos insh Allah

  5. Allah yebarek fiki ya Zeinab.
    Thanks dear

  6. It's very nice masha2 Allah, want to get myself one :)

  7. Congrats on your camera :)

    * I can get to your blog now :)

  8. Thanks a lot Neeso and Tru Faith

  9. Mabroook:)
    I wanna change my cam too, it's not good and I don't like it:(

  10. I would kill to have a small compact camera that doesnt look like a paparazzi's telescopic lens but still takes photos like one

  11. Congrats on the new camera.

  12. Hello fellow bloggers, here is an excerpt from an article I found to be quite interesting:

    In January 2007 Olympus released a new model, the SP-55OUZ, which seems to be the prodigy of this line, being a lot more performing than the previous model, the SP-51OUZ. The main characteristics of this camera are the image stabilization, 7MP resolution, and the 18x optical zoom range. The Zoom market became quite competitive and the model in discussion competes with other high quality models, such as Sony H5 or Panasonic FZ8.

    This new Olympus camera is supported with Olympus Master software and AA batteries, has internal memory and xD picture card slot, over 20 scene modes, 25 language options, RAW and exposure modes, super macro mode, and 7.1 Megapixels. The SP-55OUZ model is not a small camera so some may not prefer it because of this, but taking into consideration its qualities, the size is not at all an inconvenient.

    Another great digital camera is the new FinePix S4700 from Fujifilm. This model is the optimized version of the FinePix S4600 model, which was voted last year as the European Zoom camera of 2006 by the most important European association of electronics consumers. The new model is compact and lightweight, has 10x optical zoom lens, Fujifilm Intelligent Flash system, having several scene selections. Its menu system is highly improved and it is ideal to carry with you anywhere, since it can be easily operated with one hand.

    The most significant changes FinePix S4700 has over its predecessor are the ergonomic design, reduced proportions, improved ISO sensitivity up to 1600, new flash modes and a 7.1 Megapixel CCD sensor.

    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-g1 is another great digital camera recently released on the electronics market. The G1 model, in particular, is Sony's first wireless digital camera, which has 2.0GB of internal memory, 6 megapixel and a 3.5 inch LCD with a 921,000 pixels resolution screen – similar stats to the Canon PowerShot G5. This model has the ability of sending photos wireless to other digital enabled devices such as laptops, palms, PCs or cameras. Reviewers say that Sony G1 model is the perfect take away digital camera, since its internal memory is pretty generous.

    Hope you found this to be a good read,