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17 August 2007

The Bourne Legacy

Last weekent I went to the Cinema with some friends to watch The Bourne Ultimatum, starring Matt Damon, and the good looking actress, Julia Stiles. I was waiting to watch that film, especially that it is a sequel to The Bourne Supremacy, a film that I watched a while ago on my PC. What I like most about The Bourne series is the rhythm of them, and the overall style of the action scenes and the suspense there.

The three movies - my Firefox dictionary now refuses the word Movie, after changing it to a British-English one. Anyway, those films were written by Robert Ludlum who died in March 2001. And since he didn't write but just three novels in this series, it is not expected to have any other The Bourne Whatever films soon. But wait a minute, there is another writer called Eric Van Lustbader who decided to write other spy fiction novels based on Mr. Ludlum's work. But the question is, are we going to see The Bourne Legacy in theatres soon? And is it going to be good as the other films based or Ludlum's novels or not?

I also went to an Arabic film called El Shabah - The Ghost - and guess what, it shares with The Bourne Ultimatum the idea of someone suffering from amnesia, and trying to escape from some bad guys while on the same time he wants to know his real identity. But believe me, comparing El Shabah to The Bourne Ultimatum is like comparing a Zastava 750 to a Porsche 911.

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This Day in Gr33n-History

Till I find new topics to write here.

17 August 2005, The Israeli Model.
17 August 2006, Beta for Blogger.

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07 August 2007

Brain Exercises

It's been a while since I've written anything here. I don't know why is that. May be my mind is empty, or I am a bit busy. May be I find most of the blogging topics that pop-up in my mind more suitable to my Arabic-Blog. Anyway, I am writing this post to tell you that I am still alive and kicking. And also to post this link, that I've just read now.

Recall that technology facilitates function, purporting to make life easier. As a result, it does to your brain’s wider potential what McDonald’s did to the hamburger: it standardizes it to death. Consider:

* Camera phones: They mean you’ll never have to describe anything again. A picture is worth a thousand words, but those are your words; don’t give them up so easily.

* Text messages: You sacrifice spelling, word choice and description on the altar of convenience. What’s sacrificed today becomes habitual tomorrow.

* Emoticons: Those moronic faces have no business in a world in which true emotions are far more complex; they belong on grade school lunch pails. Are you really “happy,” “sad” or “winking?”

* Shorthand: The likes of “LOL” should embarrass all of us. How many times are you really laughing out loud when you type that?

The following 5-day workout routine features three elements: A small change to encourage mental flexibility, a focus on a perceptive sense to foster the imagination, and a critical thinking tool to apply throughout the day to nourish a healthy skepticism. On the weekends, feel free to be as stupid as you want.

PS1. Don't forget to tell me how did you find those exercises.
PS2. If you are Egyptian (or Middle Eastern), then "Monday = Sunday", "Tuesday = Monday", etc.

Link: - Brain Exercises.

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