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15 April 2009

Don't Force me to Hack You

We all know that weak passwords are bad, and that's why most of the web sites add some code in their registration or sign up page to check if your password is strong enough before allowing you to create a new account there.

But for God's sake, why can't they just warn me if my password is weak and then give me the choice to change my password or leave it if I really insist to use a weak one.

The good news here is that most of the time, they do such checks in their front end, aka JavaScript.

Today one of my friends was creating a new account on StumbleUpon as he wanted to try it. But they refused to let him use his favorite password. So I used Firebug console to create a new function that returns true all the time.
function alwaysTrue(){return true; }
Then replaced their password strength checking function with my new function.
pwCheck = alwaysTrue;
And voila! They accepted my friend's password and stopped bugging us.

The point is, password policies are supposed to be there just for our reference. But people are supposed to be free to use whatever password they want. Or else, they will not be able to remember their passwords and will either choose not to use that annoying service at all, or - even worse - they may write those funky passwords down on a piece of paper or have only one passwords for all the sites and services they use.

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11 April 2009

We Listen

We may not be the most talented developers out there, and we may not be the most creative designers. But we believe that we have one advantage that is enough to make Baralbait the most interesting service ever one day.

It's You.

We listen to your suggestions and we are dynamic.

So please give our service a try, and your feedback is really what makes us go further.

01 April 2009

Baralbait to acquire Twitter

I am really pleased to announce that Baralbait has decided to buy the de facto micro blogging company,

Many users have asked us to add micro blogging features to our platform, and almost the same number of users have asked Twitter to make their tweets location-aware. So after a one day long meeting we agreed with Twitter to purchase them and integrate their service into ours.

I'll keep you updated and more details will follow.

Finally I'd like to welcome all Twitter team members, and wish them the best of luck in Baralbait.