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23 April 2005

Shall I migrate to Thunderbird !?

I decided to migrate from MS Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird. I have just imported my .pst file in it and started using it. So far it is ok; however some features are missing such as sending and receiving task and meeting requests, and some other minor issues. But on the other hand I like its Junk mail filters, also it seems to be lighter than Outlook which takes ages to start. I also like the idea of it being extensible so that I can download - or may be code later on - any needed feature as a plugabble extension. For example after getting it I found that it misses a celendar, then I found a calendar extension and installed it. One more feature I wanna look at later on is calendar sharing through a webDAV server (mod_dav). Another feature which is not in Thunderbird nor in Oulook and I think it may be a good add-on is a work-flow however it will need an integration with the mail server and I am not sure if Mozilla guys are planning to write their own mail server - to compete with MS Exchange - some day or not. Any ways I think I am gonna use Thunderbird for a week or so then decide if I am gonna migrate to it, or shall I revert back to my legacy Outlook. Tags: , , , , ,

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