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11 February 2007

Five Things You Hate in a Woman

Anime Woman We use to play E-Spin-the-Bottle in Bloggers-Eg chat room, so Rasha - E-Nadaha - asked us to write five things we hate to find in a woman. But, it was really hard to write only five things.

01. Women who want you to care about her, and never show you that she cares about you.
02. Women who has multi-boyfriends, and when you ask her out, or ask about her phone number, she refuses, webte3mel fiha khadra el sharifa.
03. Woman who is really moody, one day she loves you, and another day she doesn't want to talk to you.
04. Woman who do not trust you, and lies to you.
05. Women who is a real brat, and just want people to love her, while she loves no one.
06. women who tell me that I am kind and polite, for me kind means you are good but not my type.
07. woman who loves me. but when her parents tell her not to marry me, she just listens to them without thinking.
08. woman who is not frank to me, and when she finds something bad in my personality or so, doesn't say it in my face.
09. woman who think that she it is good for her not to call me ever, and I have to call her all the time.
10. woman who is a snitch.

Can you write your own five five things that you hate to find in opposite sex too!?

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