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11 February 2007

Five Things You Hate in a Woman

Anime Woman We use to play E-Spin-the-Bottle in Bloggers-Eg chat room, so Rasha - E-Nadaha - asked us to write five things we hate to find in a woman. But, it was really hard to write only five things.

01. Women who want you to care about her, and never show you that she cares about you.
02. Women who has multi-boyfriends, and when you ask her out, or ask about her phone number, she refuses, webte3mel fiha khadra el sharifa.
03. Woman who is really moody, one day she loves you, and another day she doesn't want to talk to you.
04. Woman who do not trust you, and lies to you.
05. Women who is a real brat, and just want people to love her, while she loves no one.
06. women who tell me that I am kind and polite, for me kind means you are good but not my type.
07. woman who loves me. but when her parents tell her not to marry me, she just listens to them without thinking.
08. woman who is not frank to me, and when she finds something bad in my personality or so, doesn't say it in my face.
09. woman who think that she it is good for her not to call me ever, and I have to call her all the time.
10. woman who is a snitch.

Can you write your own five five things that you hate to find in opposite sex too!?

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  1. Sorry, makansh asdi a-snitch to twitter.. I hate guys who can't count! :P

  2. lol
    i thought of some new thngs..
    1- When he seduces her then act as if she's the b****.

    2- Says i love u while checking the first girl walking by.

    3- Selfishness..

    4- too controled and contained..inhumanly.

    5- dull

  3. @1: OK
    @2: Don't hate the player, hate the game
    @3: Looks like you've not been with many women
    @4: her not trusting you, has nothing to do with lying to you. Trust is earned, not granted.
    @6: That's my friend is called the "friends" ladder. Women have 2 kinds of ladders. One for Friends, and one for potential mates. If you're on the friends list. Just forget it
    @7:she loves you, but prefers her father's estate ;), therefore she doesn't *really* love you
    @8:The opposite is also bad, overly critical and quick to find every little defect in your personality.
    @9: That's why the rule says, don't throw yourself at her (ma tindeli2sh)
    @10: Look@3... The second you do something that upsets her, it's ALL OVER Reuters!

  4. i am going to be nice and say...i love men, i find nothing wrong with them...all are nice, polite, loving and great!!!

  5. who can hate any women !!!

  6. here are my 5:
    1. if he thinks he's higher than a women because he's a man and she's a woman.
    2. if he's shallow and not a reading type of guys
    3. if he helps because he's madlo2 :D
    4. if he is taking life very seriously
    5. if he's "hayman" kind of guys :D ,,,,


  7. just one thing..
    when men think that we have nothing on mind but men..and how they interpret our every single action that it's for if the women's mission statement is "men"!!!

  8. @Deeeeeee, Don't worry you are not that snitch

    @ENadaha, Good ones

    @Qwaider, You sound like a gigolo

    @Summer, What a girl!!

    @Sharm, No one, and Everyone

    @Blue, I like number 3 ;)

    @Nights, You've a good point as usual.

  9. Sometimes this list can be very long and sometimes short. I'll be fair this time for the sake of this blog :)

    1. A man who tells you what he thinks you want to hear when he doesn't mean it.
    2. A man with empty promises
    3. A man who makes you chase after him.
    4. A man who doesn't put all his eggs in one basket. AKA, the cheater.
    5. A man who's too afraid to tell you how he really feels.

  10. 1. A man who is unable to commit/ is undecided
    2. A man who plays around
    3. A man who sleeps around and thinks that's 'manly' but calls a woman who does the same a whore
    4. Detatched men but at the same time clingy men :)
    5. Shallow men- though that applies equally to women.

    In general though I find men a lot less annoying than women and a lot more straight and easy to deal with so in get the thumbs up :)

  11. @NN, Point number 3 is really interesting, I think many females will disagree with you in this.

    @Nesrina, Where are yours? :)

    @Arima, I like the last line of your comment the most ;)

  12. Ok Tarek, my five things are:
    Guys who are...
    1-Liars and cheaters.
    5-Cold an insensitive.

  13. Been married 24 years and my husband suits me just fine. But my daughter (almost 20) says she would like a boyfriend and just can't find anybody suitable.

    "What are you looking for in a boyfriend?" I asked.

    After some thought - "He has to have a brain, and act like a human being."

    So I imagine she could come up with quite a list.

  14. @Nesrina, You hate flirts!? I thought girls like it.

    @Laura, It'd be really nice to see her writing her list here.

  15. Why are Arab men so mysogynistic?
    I'm not trying to be rude, or insulting, but they do come across that way to me. The only women they are not distainful of are their mothers and daughters

  16. @Thinista, Who said that Arab men are misogynistic (hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women). We are just stating stuff we hate to find in women, which doesn't mean that all women are like this, nor that we do not like them!!!

  17. nice for a men.

  18. eeey what are you doing reading the minds of the men, you're totally right in each point of this list, with each point that I read looks like if myself has write the list, any topic its true specially the one that said something about be a snitch.
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