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15 February 2007

Smart Guys Date in Parallel

Benjamin Pollack has a nice article for those geeks, proving why smart guys should date in parallel.

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  1. i think in series it will be more romantic :) v = I * R

  2. short circuit the reistors, and save yourself the worthless trouble. MOHANDIS 3YOON GANABAK HEEEEEEE

  3. l majmoo3 = (takreeban) 2.88 ohms, there for les resistance and more current which adds more heat and stress to the cct so u need thick wires to handle that current, and in the end the cct might collapse and result in a short cct destroying all the compnents and rapidly discharging the battery (The Guy), which will result in it over-heating and (in some kind of batteries) exploding! ;)

  4. @Karakib, More romantic, but less successful :)

    @Amr, If resistors are girls, then short circuting them is what? Quitting them ?

    @Acid, So disappointing :)

  5. Well, short circuiting here, means disregarding them.Unfortunately, no normal guy can quit girls heeee