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01 November 2005

Arabic Enabled

In a previous post I've asked people if they prefer my English blog or my Arabic one more. Actually I myself prefer writing here in the English one, as I hate writing in Arabic on the PC. One of the reasons is that I can find the English letters more easily than the Arabic ones, also because when I want to say something I prefer to say it in Arabic but when it comes to writing I prefer it in English. Other than these previous reasons, the main reason to hate writing in Arabic on the PC, is that I believe that those programmers who are responsible for arabization are really bastards. And when you ever try writing in Arabic you will always see freak stuff like the following ones.
  • When you try to put a full-stop or an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence, the computer will put it at the beginning of it instead.
  • When there is a sentence of both Arabic and English letters, the computer will just makes its best to rearrange the letters so that no one will be able to read it.
  • Brackets and braces are real pain in the a**. (Where '*' = '*')
  • Trying to use the backspace and delete button will delete any letter but the one you really want to delete.
  • Sometimes copying and pasting a paragraph may result in rearranging the sentences there.
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