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11 November 2005

DL Most Popular Downloads - November 05 Most Popular Downloads (Week ending November 06)
  1. Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition: 1,172,942 downloads
  2. Spyware Doctor: 872,347 downloads
  3. ICQ 5.04: 581,741 downloads
  4. iMesh: 553,928 downloads
  5. LimeWire: 477,272 downloads
  6. WinZip: 458,086 downloads
  7. Morpheus: 405,976 downloads
  8. Spybot - Search & Destroy: 375,030 downloads
  9. All-in-One Secretmaker: 346,977 downloads
  10. Registry Mechanic: 340,469 downloads
As you may have noticed, five items of the top-10 are spyware removal and other security related programs (Items 1, 2, 8, 9, and 10). Also there are 3 items for file-sharing (Items 4, 5, and 7). And finally there is ICQ (Instant Messaging program), and WinZip (File Compression Utility). It's clear that one of the main concerns of PC users is their security especially with the rise of the Ad-Wares and Spy-Wares phenomenon, as well as Worms and Virii. Then comes the file sharing software's, which may be because most of the interesting stuff on the net are copyrighted and not shown on usual web pages, so file-sharing programs are the best way to get such illegal stuff like MP3's, Movies, Cracked software's, eBooks, etc. It is interesting that most of the file-sharing programs contain spy-wares and ad-wares like Kazaa and may be iMesh too. The only file sharing program that is ad-ware free - simply because it is an open-source software - is called Shareaza, however it is not shown here. Tags: , ,