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03 November 2005

Arresting Abdul Kareem: Defending Islam or Offending It?

An Egyptian blogger - Abdul Kareem Nabeel Soliman - was arrested on Wednesday 26 October 2005 by the Egyptian State Security (Amn El Dawla). According to his family, his arrest might be a result of his writings that are attacking Islam. His brother said that Abdul Kareem has a tense relation with Salafis in his hometown of Alexandria. He added that they might be the ones behind filing a complaint against his brother. Sources: , Miss Mabrouk, and Amr Gharbeia.
I've visited his blog before and I do really disagree with his writings about Islam; however I still cannot find any reason for arresting someone for what he says or writes. And for those who think that he should be arrested for offending Islam, I believe that arresting him is more offending to Islam. Because by arresting him you are just telling everyone that Islam is in a real danger because of a couple of blog posts. And finally I do believe that Islam is great enough not to need any security forces to defend it, and will never be in danger because of a couple of blog posts, or even millions of them. Tags: , , , ,