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04 November 2005

Mysterious Eve, and The Mysterious Arabic Text

In a previous post I was talking about how writing in Arabic on the PC can be really annoying.
"When you try to put a full-stop or an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence, the computer will put it at the beginning of it instead", Arabic Enabled @ Gr33nData
Then a nice Lebanese blogger called Mysterious Eve - she has a wonderful blog by the way - has sent me a comment there that solved most of the problems I was facing.
"the solution is easy. When you write in Arabic, align to the right, then insert dir="rtl" between div and right. plz email me if I wasn't clear enough.", Mysterious Eve.
In English; put dir="rtl" in the div tag to look like this:
<div dir="rtl">SOME ARABIC TEXT</div>
So I'd really like to thank her for her help, and hope that this may help other Arabic bloggers as well. Tags: , , ,


  1. oh I thought you where complaining about the data entry phase not how the arabic text is rendered.

    even better, instead of adding dir=rtl all over the place you can specify the text direction in css for the whole blog (only useful for the arabic blog off course), this way all text gets to be properly right to left including comments.

    one of the nice things we did with drupal was write an autobidi module, you write mixed arabic and latin text and it decides the direction of each paragraph on it's own.

  2. You're welcome Tarek, glad I was able to help. Happy Fitr! :-)

  3. Hey, thanks for the Greetings. Don't know how you did what you did, bt very quirky of you to link an old post. :0

    Keep the ideas flowing, Green Data. An Interesting, Quirkie and Techie' blog.

    Minal Aidin Wal Faizin Wal Maqbulin!

  4. Hey there,
    I really like your blog its nice and intersting..
    Beside your blog template is really neat *thumbs up*

  5. Thanks alot for you Tarek and for eve...I didn't thought that it would be as simple as that!

  6. How can one translate the page from arabic to english?

  7. Salam
    Pour le but de rassembler le max d'adresse des bloggeurs"Carnet d'adresse", priere de remplir une tite fiche sur blog Merci!

  8. tab ma i did that more than once before, but never worked out :S