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11 November 2005

Welcome Back, Dear Ubuntu.

It's been a while that the partition table on my laptop has been corrupted. This has happened after re-installing Windows, which has screwed the partition table up, and made me lose my Linux partition as well. But today I succeeded in fixing the problem by using "Partition Magic" side by side to "Partition Table Doctor". The problem was that "Partition Magic" was not able to load because of an unknown error, so I used another software called "Partition Table Doctor" to fix it and then used "Partition Magic" in order to fix the Partition Table and get my /ext3 - Linux partition - back. Then I installed my favorite Linux distro that is called Ubuntu and here I am writing this blog post from there. Tags: , ,


  1. Does this Linux distribution support arabic language?

  2. As for webpages written in arabic, I can read them well. But I didn't try to write in Arabic yet, however it is base on Debian and I think it will do. Anyways let me see and feed you back soon.