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14 November 2005

Murphy's Law of Availability

A law that I especially like for Murphy: "Brains x Beauty x Availability = Constant" Source: Cold Desert Tags: , ,


  1. is the constant equal to zero ;)

    perhaps integrating the expression with respect to beauty would yield some interesting results..

    wow, I'm such a geek!

  2. Hi Omar,
    No it is not Zero :)
    And after integration it will be ...
    Hmmm let me remember ....
    Tell me first if Brains and Availability are functins of Beauty.

  3. haha... very funny, got the old mind working for a while ;-)

  4. Tarek, in trying to boil down a man's attributes to those three variables, you are doing yourself and other men a great disservice. I promise that we women are not so shallow as to judge your worth on those things alone.

    : )

  5. First, I agree with Laura.

    Second, Beauty is relative to so many other things. I dont agree that availability is one of them, but it depends on the perspective you're looking at it.

  6. I am glad you liked it, I find that it makes sense. Please note that I copied it from Murphy's Laws. I am sure that all of you will like many other laws there.

    Omar: If we want to be really pessimistic, then, the constant is zero. In that case, at least one of the 3 variables has to be zero (a perfect Murphy's vision). hehehehe. Integration would be quite interesting... but the ladies are complicating our mathematics mission by stating that "Beauty is relative to so many other things". I don't remember Calculus enough to solve this problem. :)

  7. Hey !! these three variables give me the feeling that the constant=what are my chances( a guy ) to date her
    men !!!!

  8. Hey Mia, thanks a lot for asking ... I was on business trip out of Egypt and I hadn't access to the internet there. Welcome back to me :)