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13 November 2005

Remote Controls

When I was a kid, it was normally to have television sets without remote controls. At that time, there were only two channels in the Egyptian TV (Channel-1 and Channel-2). So it was not a big problem then to deal with TV's without remote contols. Then in the late eighties they added a third channel and after that they reached eight channels or so. At this point remote controls were not luxury any more, and people started to use them to switch between them different channels in order to find a suitable programs to watch. Actually they all suck, but we didn't have any other option then. Then there was the satellite Era, where people found themselves receiving hundreds of TV channels from all over the world. At this point we didn't use remote controls to find a suitable program to see, but there was the joy of switching between these channels forward and backward so quickly. It was very common to someone sitting on the sofa, and moving between the different channels one after the other for hours without watching anything. May be it was because most of these channels didn't worth watching and may be because people were happy to find such huge number of channels and wanted to watch them all at the same time. A similar situation is happening here in the Blogsphere, there are too many blogs to read. And sometimes I just move from one blog to another without reading a single post in any of them. Sometimes I may see the posts titles, and sometimes just the blog design. I try to make a list in my mind for my favorite blogs, and sometimes blog aggregators are useful to see what's new out there. It might be true that excess of information is sometimes worse than the lack of it. Tags: , ,