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28 November 2005

Adam and Eve's Origins

A German, a Frenchman, an Englishman, and an Egyptian went to an Art museum and were spending some time in front of the painting of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
After observing the painting for a while an intrigued observer asked the four men where they thought Adam and Eve's origins could be from.
The German said: "Look at the perfection of theirbodies. She with her slender and well-formed figure and he with that athletic body and bulging muscles. There is no doubt they must be of German origin."
Immediately the Frenchman reacts! "C'est Impossible! One can clearly see the eroticism that is exuding from both figures... She so feminine? He so masculine... And both so aware of the impending temptation... They must be French!"
Shaking his head in disagreement, the Englishman comments: "Oh No, Chaps it can't be! Note the serenity on their faces, their delicate pose, the sobriety in their gestures. They could only be English."
After a few more seconds of contemplation, the Egyptian exclaims: "I do NOT agree with ANY of your theories! Look closer, they do not have clothes, they do not have shoes, and they do not even have shelter. All they have is ONE apple to eat and to top it all off it is prohibited! They don't protest and they STILL think they are in Paradise!?? Clearly, these two can only be Egyptians!!!"

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  1. it seems im the only one who doesnt like the joke :)

    I hate politics and i hate descrimination too, it better be an egyptian who made up this joke thoug :D

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