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13 November 2005


I think people need something like a Bloggers Code of Ethics in order to tell them what they are supposed to do, and what they are not supposed to. Is it ethical to blog while you are at work? To what limit you can say whatever you want in your blog, and can you insult someone or swear there? Are you supposed to leave others comments there or can you delete the ones you do not like, or think that they are inappropriate? What kind of comments are not acceptable? Also, there some other questions that are not ethical related ones, however they may be important to know. Is there a acceptable limit to your posts length? How frequently shall you update your blog? Shall you blog in your real name or use some screen name for security? What kind of personal you are not supposed to write on your blog? I know that these last ones do not have standard answers, but sometimes you need to have something like blogging etiquette or blogetiquette. By the way, this is my post number 206 and I was supposed to dedicate it to the good looking car, Peugeot 206. And that is why I am using this picture :) *** Updated 14 November 2005 *** Ahmad has sent me this useful link, EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers Tags: , ,


  1. I think you're the perfect person to write the essential manual on blogetiquette. BTW, congrats on making it to post 206. Let us know when the Peugeot shows up. You can take us all for a ride. :-)

  2. You shouldn't blog while you are on the clock. It's the same as stealing from your employer.

    As to post length and whether it's OK to delete comments, which comments are acceptable, whether it's OK to use a screen name - it's your blog and you can do exactly as you please.

    When I started my humble effort, I decided to remind myself daily that I don't know who will end up reading my blog: family members, coworkers, etc. So I don't post anything that I would mind anyone in the universe reading. It makes for some bland posts, I realize. But if I spent the afternoon letting my husband's tedious uncle-by-marriage talk my ears off, and then posted on my blog about apparently having a kind face because I find myself listening to tedious people a lot (true) and then my in-laws read my blog, they'll get their feelings hurt. But I sometimes enjoy reading other people's personal stuff. So that's up to you.

    I would think that personal threats are a no-no. Insults are largely in the mind of the reader.

    I want to know if you're supposed to tell somebody before you blogroll them.

  3. I think blogettiquette will take the fun away from blogging. Blogging is fun because its (usually) creative. If I like someone's style, I'll come back. If I don't I wont. So you end up creating your own little "cultures" of people who like your style and people who don't, well they won't read it. I guess in short, no one forces you to read anyone elses blog so write as you see fit and those who dont like choose not to visit. :)

  4. I agree with aisha, you are free to choose the blogs that suit your ideas, culture, interests ... etc.

    Nobody forces you to read something you don't want. And as Hala Sar7an used to say, "ely mosh 3agbou, ye2leb el ma7ata".:))

    I guess we have to be our own censors and think twice before posting any word.

    Good luck,

  5. The answer to all of your questions are a function of a variable which, in turn, is the answer to one question: who are you?

  6. DCS: Thank you, but I think such thing needs to be written based on the bloggers opinions and not one or two bloggers.

    The others: Most of you have one pont which is ... write whatever you want and who doesn't like it just stop reading it, or as the egyptian proverb ... who doesn't like it go a hit his head in the wall. The point is that I totally agree with you that everyone has the right to write whatever he wants and no one has to blame him. But there must be some guidelines. Please notice that I used to word "Code of Ethics" or "Blogetiquette" and now "Law" or "Rules" .... they are just some advices. I really dunno if i am supposed not to blog at work or what ... sometimes i have nothing to do and dun think that writing a blog post will be a big deal, but on the other hand we gat paid for the time we stay at work so it is not ours and this may be some kind of stealing. Also I sometimes want to know if people like going to blogs that re updated frequently or they just go to those blogs they like even if they haven't been updated for ages.

  7. lovely post and nice car?

    ahh. it was rather odd to have a post on a rather old topic on my blog, but off i went to see your blog...

    ehh... blogging at work... i really have no idea, but i know i wouldn't do it... especially since most workplaces KNOW what websites etc&...


    i think i am more so worried about bloggers who don't check their facts, or double check to be sure that a source is reliable... as slander is a horrid thing.

    i think common courtesy does exit as well.

    it does scare me that companies pay people to blog about certain things pertaining to that company in a positive way... or negatively against another company.

    and did anyone else read that article 'attack of the blogs' ... so negative about blogging!!!

    ahh.... by the way i love your blog name!

  8. I believe every person blogs for a certain reason; someone might blog to express his political views while another person blogs to express his fondness of a certain issue, etc.

    The important point in my opinion is that if a person is blogging to keep something like a "digital diary", he should blog for himself and not blog because it is a "duty"!

    Finally, regarding legal and security issues, EFF has published a blogger guide.

  9. Well I guess if the blog is not dedicated to a certain issue then I believe in * Wright it as u might say it *...that includes if u talk too much or swear occasionally :p...i guess it should reflects U...after all it's not a formal journal...
    I confess that SOMETIMES I get carried away in my writings...especially when am writhing under my nick if it's my dark side writhing not the ordinary every-day me :p...

  10. I have made up a commenting etiquette once.. you should check it out :)

  11. I honestly think that it depends on the blogger how long his post is going to be, and what are the things he'll be saying. After all, it's his blog. He should only practice how he'll be able to keep his readers with the length and the content of his posts. He should practice restraint in his entries, and he should very well know whether his readers would be interested or not in his entries.