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13 November 2005


I think people need something like a Bloggers Code of Ethics in order to tell them what they are supposed to do, and what they are not supposed to. Is it ethical to blog while you are at work? To what limit you can say whatever you want in your blog, and can you insult someone or swear there? Are you supposed to leave others comments there or can you delete the ones you do not like, or think that they are inappropriate? What kind of comments are not acceptable? Also, there some other questions that are not ethical related ones, however they may be important to know. Is there a acceptable limit to your posts length? How frequently shall you update your blog? Shall you blog in your real name or use some screen name for security? What kind of personal you are not supposed to write on your blog? I know that these last ones do not have standard answers, but sometimes you need to have something like blogging etiquette or blogetiquette. By the way, this is my post number 206 and I was supposed to dedicate it to the good looking car, Peugeot 206. And that is why I am using this picture :) *** Updated 14 November 2005 *** Ahmad has sent me this useful link, EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers Tags: , ,