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24 February 2007

MSN Personal Messages II

This is the second episode, of my friends "MSN Personal Messages" series .

* The circle only has one side.
* You run around in circles, until you realize you are all alone.
* It's not easy to stop me. Can't keep the lion from hunting.
* If you want something you never had. Do something you never did.
* A "Balanced" diet, is a bar of chocolate in each hand.
* The eyes don't see. It is the Heart.
* Jaane kyun jaane kyun jaane kyun. (Note: This is an Indian person)
* If I could, I would.
* Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.
* Good Luck is often with the man who deosn't include it in his plans.
* True beauty is seen through closed eyes.
* Software is like sex, it's better when it's free.
* GRUB, GRand Unified Boot loader.

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  1. I loved this one...
    "If you want something you never had. Do something you never did".

  2. So what msn name do you go by??

  3. @Juka, Now, Green Tea Sucks

  4. um... i liked "if i could, i would"

  5. The best things in the world are unseen, which is why we dream with our eyes closed.

    Holly Card xx

  6. i like that 1 by holly and this is someother 1
    My Heart Speaks a Language I don't Understand

  7. i love this quote as it always seems to happen to mee and i therefore think it meanss a lot

    'A heart is not a plaything, A heart is not a toy! But if you want it broken, Jus give it to a boy!

  8. its me again got few more bout lads lol !!!

    boys are like parking spaces-- all the good 1nce are taken!

    Boys are like ruhbix cubes-- the more you play with them, the harder they get

    tell me wat ya finkk xxxx

  9. ill tell u wat i 'fink' i bet ur fat or something

  10. cn u tell me a good personal message pleeez

  11. If you dream on a star, and the star burns out to dust, theres no sleep for you tonight sonny boy!

  12. please dont comment will people just leave pm's

  13. i love him n i js wna get that message across...any suggestions for pms???
    hes jus gr8 n js a friend at the moment bt i wna b a bit more than that 2 him x

  14. Aww Bless Yarh Hun ii
    Gt Diis M8 2 Dah Ma uvaa M8z Fiink He Gta Crush On Meh
    ii Wana Be Mre Dan Fwendz But Am Scrd!!

  15. nice i like it all:D:D

  16. i turned on the raido and heard a song that went just like you and me it had a start a middle but nothing has an end xxx

  17. stop it on purpose ;)