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19 February 2007

Two Years Blogging

It's been two year since I started blogging on 19th February 2005. I've posted 676 entries in this blog - 0.926 posts per day during these two years. There have been about 39,426 visitors to this blog. Posts are mainly about Technical, Egyptian, Social, and Art related topics.

Finally, I've got to know many blog-pals during these years whom I wish all the best.

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  1. Wow! Two years! Mabrouk tarek! Keep it coming...your blog rocks :)

  2. @Dear Layal, Wenty tayeba, thanks.

    @Amira, Thanks a lot dear

  3. That's what makes ur blog special, always diversified and u r an active blogger, congrats and best wishes to you too :)

  4. kol sana wenta tayeb.
    Your blog is one of the best (useful blog):)

  5. @Nesrin, and Engy. Thanks a lot my friends.

  6. 3obal million sana ya Rab
    well happy blogging year :)

  7. Inshaalah your third blogging year be greater. I also started blogging in February but It was just my first year.

  8. where is the cake??

    kol year wenta tayeb ya ta2ta2 :P

  9. @Mukhtar, Kol sana wenta Tayeb

    @Danadeer, Thank you, inshalla we will get a cake in the next bloggers-meeting