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06 February 2007

Pay What You Want Cafe

Ervin Peretz, a 37 year old Google developer and sparetime pokerbot creator, along with Susan Allsup opened a special kind of cafe in Kirkland. According to a Seattle Times report, when you’re at the “Terra Bite Lounge,” you pay whatever you feel like: from nothing at all to 40 bucks or whatever else you want to put into the metal lock box.
Source: Outer Court dot Com

What do you think about such idea? Frankly, will you pay anything if you go there? Will the quantity of money you pay there depend on your company there, and whether you wanna show off or so?

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  1. Yeah, that's down the street from where I live. I didn't check it out yet, but I'll try it and let you know ... I'll try to get some pictures too :)

  2. Thanks Q our reporter from there :)

  3. I guess it would mostly depend on the taste of the coffee they have there. And on the way you are treated. At least in my case.

    Interesting idea though, and quite a gamble!

  4. Good point Alina, but I guess, on the average, people will under-pay rather than over-pay