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16 February 2007

Pairing Nokia Bluetooth Headset with My Laptop

I was listening to Dido when I decided to use my Nokia Bluetooth Headset instead of the PC speakers. So here you are the procedures in case you wanna do the same thing. In fact this will be more useful if you are going to use it with Skype or Google Talk.

First of all, make your headset ready for pairing by pressing the answer/end key and the volume up (+) key at the same time over 5 seconds until the blue indicator light lights up. Now go to your PC, and click on the bluetooth icon - a blue circle with the letter 'B' written there - in the taskbar. The click on the "New Connection" button and let your PC find the headset. It will then ask you for a pin code which is "0000". Now to activate the connection between the two devices, just click on the answer/end key in the headset.

By the way, I found in Nokia site that you can download Nokia Tune played with Oriental Instruments here.

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