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06 February 2007

Windows Vista vs. Mac OS 10

Here you are the proof that Windows Vista did not steal ideas from Mac OS X!

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  1. OMG, Dats HILARIOUS.. I luv the video.. how more ironic can they be!

  2. Before watching the video I was going to Kill you (no literally kill you, but at least add you to my road kill list - The same list which I have IRCPresident on). Anyways, great video, luv it. But there is are some main differences which were not mentioned here, like the "Windows Improved Security". I wonder why I don't see Security claims for Mac :)

    Bottom line, MAC rules. And once you go Mac, you'll never go back.

    And you must consider the PC like an Air Conditioner - everything goes wrong when you open the "Windows"

  3. look ya Tarek to get an official Mac in Egypt you have to pay 20,000 as I asked in the apple showroom behind the shooting club , to get a windows well there are many sources ,cheap ones
    anyhow I will surprise u but I don't like this anti-microsoft thing simply because I am a beta tester
    you peoople are just like to say no ,windows the number one OS deal with it

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  5. @JPierre, This video is dedicated to you by the way.

  6. @Zeinab, It may be expensive, but it is still better than Windows, Linux is free and it is better than Windows too.

  7. @Mr./Ms.OpeRon, For me it is really hard to tell if a gay is a "he", or a "she", and I made myself clear when I told the person who delivered this message to you that we call babies "it" - at least this is what we were taught in school - too. And for sure calling a baby an "it", is not because we are rude, but because they do not belong to the "he" nor the "she" categories, especially when it is not born yet.
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