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12 May 2006

MSN Personal Messages

This is a collection of personal messages or nicknames that some of my MSN contacts are using currently.
  • Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest.
  • Sometimes the Heart Sees what is Invisible to the Eye.
  • Lord of The Pings. (This guy works in an ISP)
  • Hakuna Matata.
  • Working Hard, or Hardly Working.
  • Infinity is the Limit.
  • Marry a Woman/Man you love to talk to. As when you get older, the conversation skills will be important.
  • New home, new life, ... and a wife.
  • Nobody notice what I do, until I don't do it.
  • Illusion never changes into something Real.
  • Too many freaks, not enough circuses.
  • My Heart Speaks a Language I don't Understand.
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