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21 May 2006

V for Middle East

Yesterday I've entered the movie, V for Vendetta. The movie is nice, it is set in a near-future Britain, an extreme fascist single-party state has arisen, called Norsefire and led by Adam Sutler, that maintains control of the country through food shortages (arising during the nuclear winter), government-controlled media, secret police, a planned economy, and concentration camps for ethnic, political, and sexual minorities. Actually, I think that the story itself was supposed to be set here in the Middle East, where such stuff already exist, without the need to be set in the near future. "The film is directed by James McTeigue (first assistant director on The Matrix alongside films) from a screenplay by the Wachowski brothers. Natalie Portman stars as Evey(E.V.), and Hugo Weaving as V, Stephen Rea, John Hurt, and Stephen Fry". By the way, vendetta means revenge as I've never heared this word before.

Sources: Wikipedia, V for Vendetta Official Web Site, and IMDB.

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  1. انا باعشق الفيلم ده..

    الفيلم بيتناول عدة نظريات سياسية مجعلصة بأسلوب أكثر من مجرد رائع منها مثلا نظرية الفوضى السياسية

    أنا بعد الفيلم على طول كان النيك نيم بتاعي :
    To V or not to V