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05 May 2006

Niña Pastori

"She is currently one of the most important cantaoras. She started singing when she was very young, following in Camarón's footsteps, but when she burst onto the recording scene her style changed, and she passed from traditional flamenco to the reality of her generation, with songs that were more commercial. Paco Ortega and Alejandro Sanz discovered her and launched her career in front of the public at large when she was seventeen with Entre dos puertos, a record that was aimed at a teenage audience, but which managed to sell over one hundred thousand copies, reaching all ages and social layers. Her style and her image, which was flamenco, young and poppy, converted her into one of the up-and-coming artists on the Spanish music scene". EsFlamenco

Niña is one of my favorites, with her special voice and music. However, sometimes I need to read the lyrics to get what she says, may be this is because of my poor Spanish language :-)

My favorite songs of her are "Amor de San Juan", "De Boca en Boca", "Como Me Duela", " Puede Ser", "Que Pena", and many others.

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