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04 May 2006

Ban The Laptops

As the professor lectured on the law, the student wore a poker face. But that was probably because, under the guise of taking notes on his laptop, the student actually was playing poker — online, using the school's wireless Internet connection. The scenario is not uncommon in today's college classrooms, and some instructors want it stopped. So they have done the unthinkable — banned laptops. Source: Yahoo News I think we here in Egypt are not going to suffer from a simillar problem in the following 20 years at least :) Tags: , ,

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  1. This was reported in our local paper. Some students were mad because they'd bought laptops instead of desktops specifically for the purpose of taking notes in class.

    If I were a teacher and had students who were paying tuition and choosing to play online poker instead of listening to my lectures, I would think it was their money to waste. At some point people have to get some self-control. You can't count on teachers and bosses being your mommy all your life.