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19 May 2006

Everybody Hates Raymond

Lately I've been watching a British Sitcom series called Coupling, which made me ask myself why are we supposed to see American movies and series only. Have a look at those famous Arabic satellite channels like OneTV, MBC2, and MBC4 and you will see that they only have American stuff like Friends, Seinfeld, etc. They are good ones I know, but there are other countries in the world which have good media as well and may be better than USA sometimes. Let's not talk about those pieces of shit series like Boston Public, Boston Legal, West Wing, Crossing Jordan (I just like Jill Hennessy but hate the series), Everybody Loves Raymond, Sex and The City, Alias, etc. and shows like Oprah, The Insider, Dr Phil, etc. who really suck. Here I found a list of the Top100 British Sitcom made by BBC, Tags: , ,

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