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24 May 2006

An Apple, and A Shoe

The wireless kit lets Nike's new Air Zoom Moire shoes send fitness data to your iPod Nano — via a sensor you tuck inside the running shoe and a small receiver that attaches to the Nano. As you run, the sensor records your distance, time, pace and calories burned in real time and displays data on the Nano. At the push of a button, audio feedback is delivered through Nano's earbuds. You can customize a workout (how far, how long) and choose playlists to hear on the run. You can also set up a "PowerSong" that kicks in when you need to summon a burst of energy. From the Nano, you can upload workout data to Apple's iTunes and a new website. You can track progress over time and compete virtually with other runners.The $29 kit will be available within 60 days at Apple stores and shops where Nike footwear is sold. "It's a really inexpensive accessory for two premium-priced products," says Ross Rubin of the NPD Group research firm. Of course, you'll have to spend at least $149 for the Nano and $100 for the shoes. Six other iPod-ready Nike shoe models are coming.

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  1. Can you get more fitness out of the show than just a run. What about the elliptical and the bike or weight machines. try this out.