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05 May 2006

The Dutch Drug Policy

The drug policy of the Netherlands is based on two principles:
  • Drug use is a public health issue, not a criminal matter
  • A distinction between hard drugs and soft drugs exists
A distinction is drawn between hard drugs (which bear "unacceptable" risks; e.g. cocaine, heroin and ecstasy) and soft drugs such as the psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms as well as cannabis products: hashish and marijuana (as defined in the Dutch Opium Act). So-called coffee shops are allowed to sell soft drugs openly, and to keep supplies greater than the amounts allowed by law for personal use, though they are only allowed to sell individual customers the amount allowed for personal use. The coffeeshops' wholesale suppliers, however, are still criminalized. In practice, the limit of the "for personal use" clause is 5 cannabis plants per person for growing, or possession of 5 grams of hashish or marijuana per person. Source: Wikipedia, Drug policy of the Netherlands Frankly, I cannot see any difference between the so-called Soft Drugs and Alcoholic drinks, and I think that coutries who alow Alcohol are supposed to allow Hashish and Marijuana as well. Let's face it, they both have the same effect, so why allow one and ban the other. Here in Egypt for example, Selling Alcoholic drinks is allowed - with some license I think - while drugs are banned on the other hand. However I think we shall (best case) ban them both, or (worst case) allow them both. Tags: , ,

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