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07 May 2006

Just for Virgins

BERLIN (Reuters) - A brothel has become the first in Berlin to offer special deals for virgins with prostitutes trained in the delicate art of catering for customers who have never had sex, a German newspaper reported Friday. "It's the first house of love in Berlin that specializes in taking care of beginners," wrote the daily on its front page. Source: Reuters This is funny, isn't it ! Tags: , ,


  1. ومالة ياسيدى بيساعدوا الشباب :)

  2. hehe, very big of them to be so helpful!

  3. lol.. Consideration in all of the wrong places..

  4. I can not belive that you missed the charade of the hasslte on my blog.. Saraheid is not my blog any more...
    Sarah yehia is..

  5. مفيش حاجه كده تكون رخيصه في مصر؟
    انا خايف قبل ليله الدخله معرفش