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08 May 2005

Egypt is Cairo, and Cairo is Egypt

Yesterday I went to Alex. by train, and during my trip I was thinking about the different cities in Egypt and why Cairo is the one in the focus of our attention. During the tip to Alex. there isn't a single city nor town that is as modern as Cairo they are not even close. That's why we have about third or fourth of Egypt population living in Cairo. I think we have to develop the different cities in our country to be at least close to Cairo. The problem is in our centralized point of view, whenever someone wants to build a project from a cinema complex to a mall, a hospital, private university, zoo, etc they just think of Cairo. No one tries to invest in other places of Egypt. I am not sure whether it is the government fault or it us who are just lazy to get out of Cairo. May be people are afraid not to have a big market as the one in Cairo which has about 17 millions living there. Anyways according to my idea in networking and networks design, a network with one central unit and no redundancy its throughput is limited to the throughput of that single unit or bottle-neck. Also it has a single point of failure. That's why the Internet doesn't has a central server nor router and is built upon peer to peer design which gives it scalabality and reliability. And I think the same is valid to countries if they relly need to grow and develop.

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