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31 March 2007

PayPal Guys need Geography Lessons


Today I wanted to see how can I upgrade my Flickr Basic account to a Pro one, but unfortunately all the online payments have to be done through PayPal. PayPal guys on the other hand need to go back to school or at least visit Wikipedia to know that there is a country called Egypt that is not there on their payment form.

So I think I'll stick to my Flickr Basic account for a while till I find someone abroad who likes my photography that much to buy me an account.

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  1. Forget Flickr. Zooomr gives bloggers free pro accounts with no limitations what so ever. No limitation on the size of each photo, no limitation on the number of photos that appear in your account page and no limitations over the amount of data you actually store at their hard drives the only limitation is that you shouldn't exceed 4GB! of upload per month. 4 gigs !!!

    What is cool about zooomr too is its tight integration with google maps. and the portals and zooomrtations.

    But we (happy zooomr citizens) are awaiting the zooomr mark III which will add 250 more exciting feature and improvement. Along with the ability to sell your photos in a stock photography market place. (I think this will be of use to people with high end cameras and real photographers. not just amatuers like me.)

    I simply left my flickr account with its photos there and i will not transfer them to zooomr for the lack of an automated way to extract photos out of flickr with comments, tags, etc.. at the moment.

    seriously though if you use zooomr you will not look back at flickr.

  2. yea a friend of mine faced the some stupid problem too while she was trying to purchase something online...
    she sent them an email anyways complaining that they should come to egypt :D

  3. can i act the evil friend in here and show u this face ( :P )

    OK.. OK.. its a free country and I will not ask to or not to show the face.. Tarek.. its a :Pppppppppppppp

  4. PayPal is important service to us specially people working in e-Commerce. PayPal approved to be the most important and wide-used payment service on the wires.

    So, I urge you to join the petition letter to PayPal owners.

  5. And they should also learn that there is a country called Kuwait!!!