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08 May 2007


I you are one of those who like to try new softwares, then you'd better have a look on Sandboxie application. When a software is added to Sandboxie, it will be able to read from you hard disk, but not writing to it. It will act as a virtual layer between the software you are running and your hard disk, it then can monitor the read operations and force the write operations to be made into a virtual location that can be erased easily.

This can be really useful in testing non-trusted softwares, especially that access to the following classes of system objects are supervised by it such as Files, Disk Devices, Registry Keys, Process and Thread objects, Driver objects, Named Pipes, Mailbox, etc. The point is that I am not sure how will such application protect you when installing a certain application that has a certain Adware/Spyware bundled with it. Shall you run the installer itself into Sandboxie or what!?

PS. I haven't used this application yet. So please try to send me your feedback when you try it.

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