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05 September 2007

Blog Hacking

I've received the following question a while ago, so I think it'd be nice to publish it here.
Amre El-Abyad said:

Dear Tarek,
What iss the best way to protect one's blog against hacking?
And here is my answer:
Dear Amr,
First of all make sure that you have a strong password that no one can guess easily.
Also, some Add-On's and Widgets are not trusted, they can bring you Advertisements and steal your account credentials (user name and password), especially those free Toolbars and the untrusted programs that people add to their browsers.
Make sure you have the latest Antivirus in order to protect yourself from key-loggers and the other Malwares.
Sometimes Antiviruses cannot protect you from every single Malware, so having a personal Firewall as an extra layer of security can block those softwares from contacting their original servers back.

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