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02 June 2008

Evil Encryption Dilemma

SSL is everywhere nowadays, it's not only used by Web Servers, but also Telecommuters and Remote Employees access their Enterprises using SSL VPN Tunnels. P2P and IM's are also encrypting their traffic.

Ok, it's good to encrypt your traffic, so that no one can see or alter your confidential data, but on the other hand, how will the Network-Based IPS's, Firewalls/UTM's, and WAN Optimizers operate successfully in such Confidential World!?

By encrypting your traffic you are hiding the malicious traffic patterns from the IPS's along with your confidential data. You are also hiding the repeated patterns from the WAN Optimizers, and sure they won't be able to optimize traffic they can't see.

I know there are some workarounds out there and special deployment scenarios that can somehow help in solving such issue. But I'd like you first to tell me what do you think is the optimum solution for this Evil Encryption Dilemma.

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