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22 September 2008

McAfee to buy Secure Computing

I'm used to make fun of McAfee when they present themselves as a Network Security Vendor especially that they don't even have their own Firewall product. So, now it seems that the people at McAfee decided to spend about $465M to stop me from making fun of them.

Ok, let's get serious now. I think this is a good move from McAfee anyway. Secure Computing security portfolio will sure fill some missing gaps in McAfee's product line. They have their own firewalls (Sidewinder), and Content Security (Webwasher). But on the other hand people may argue that Secure Computing products are not highly ranked compared to other vendors in the market. And to tell you the truth, I always believed that McAfee was going to acquire a Firewall vendor someday, and I thought that Fortinet is their best option. It's not only the best buy for McAfee, but if I were in Fortinet's guys shoes I'd have asked McAfee to acquire us too. Fortinet have good products and they sure were going to fill the missing gaps in McAfee's Network Security portfolio, and McAfee's guys would have been more proud to put their logo on Fortinet's products than Secure Computing ones. And on the other hand Fortinet is that kind of vendor that is there to be acquired. Come on, they may have good products, but they are small company and it is really hard for companies with similar size are narrow line of products nowadays to last for a long while before getting acquired or quitting the market..

Anyway, congratulations to McAfee guys, and I believe the Network Security market will benefit from one strong vendor which is getting even stronger.

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