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30 October 2008

No More Blog Rushing

As you may have noticed, I've just removed the BlogRush widget few days ago. In fact I was not satisfied with the quality ... ehm ... the quantity of traffic it brings to my blog. And now, it cam to my knowledge that BlogRush team have decided to shut their service down. It seems that they were listening to me :)
"After careful consideration, we have decided to shutdown the BlogRush service. If you have the widget code on your blog you will need to remove it", BlogRush.

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  1. I had to remove it because it makes my page so slow and many people complained still it was fun to be used to read blogs from all the world especially the neoconservative blogs of America , man they were fun !!?

  2. You know Zeinab, what makes a blog as slow as hell more than BlogRush. It's MyBlogLog.
    Although I love the idea of MyBlogLog, but it seems the the developers behind it are fond of spaghetti programming and non-optimized code.

  3. Saba7 el khair!!
    Remember what I said almost 8 months ago?
    God.... You people never listen. If I charged you my usual rate of $800/hr you would have listened back then :)

    Anyway... it's gone now :)

  4. Your article is wonderful ya Qwaider, how come I never read it before :S

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