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15 November 2010

GIF Image 1x1 Pixels Error and Kaspersky

It's been a while, and I wasn't able to access my blogs statistics service, SiteMeter. Every time I go there, I receive the weirdest error message ever, "GIF Image 1x1 Pixels". I go the feeling that they quit business, or something.
Today, I was accessing the following link on Global Voices Online, and guess what, I got the same error message again.
I went googling, and it came out that both SiteMeter and GVO are innocent, it's Kaspersky that is messing out the web pages there.
So, in case you have Kaspersky Antivirus installed, go to the Anti-Spy settings, and either uncheck the "Enable Anti-Banner" altogether, or go to the Anti-Banner settings and add the sites you have problems with to the white-list there.

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