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27 June 2005


Today I've passed the JNCIA-IDP (Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate - Intrusion Detection and Prevention) exam which was really simple exam. The exam is based mainly on the training materials as well as some practical experience with the product itself. I think Juniper must add an ethical hacking training/exam to their certifications portfolio in order to attract more people who are interested in network security to their products. Also they have to concentrate on end user security such as HIPS (Host-Based Intrusion Prevention Systems) and Authentication and Secure Key Management Systems.


  1. congratulations gr33n data,

    please can you send me the training materials (study guide) for passing the exam (jncia-idp)
    thanks in advance

  2. Hi Gr33n Data,

    I'm scheduled to pass the same exam soon... I found your post via Google. Do you have some interesting material to share? Thanks in advance!

    (xavier at rootshell dot be)

  3. Hi Gr33n Datta,

    I am also looking at taking the IDP JNCIA exam. I would be more than willing to share my material JNCIS/E - M, JNCIS/E - ER if you would send me your study material for JNO 541. Thanks!

  4. Sorry Gr33n Data, the above comment was mine I just forgot to put in my contact info:

    Again, I have software on some other tests you might be interested in....THANKS!!

  5. helo gr33n data,

    Please i am expecting to write JNCIA IDP by next friday and i dnt have any materials(study guides and dumps) to prepare for this.Kindly assist me with any IDP materials n softwares u av got.