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01 June 2005

Thunderbird and "winmail.dat" Files

As I told you before I decided to migrate to Thunderbird as I found it much better than the creppy Microsoft Outlook. However on of the problems I used to face with TB is that sometimes I receive attachments send by Outlook as "winmail.dat" till I found a solution for that today. Just go to and download "fentun.exe" and save it to disk. Them you can open the winmail.dat files with fentun.exe wich is capable of extracting the real attachments from it. Please tell me if this info helped you. Tags: , , , , ,


  1. Thanks a lot for the tip. It really help me to manage with this nasty format.

  2. Welcome Ricardo, but you know what, I stopped using TB now because it doesn't understand MS Meeting Requests :)

  3. Better stop using MS.. ;)