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31 July 2006

Time to Kiss the U.N. Goodbye

I think it's time to kiss the U.N. (United Nations) goodbye. The organization has failed to resolve many issues lately. Actually, the idea of some specific countries having the right to block any Securiy Council resolution, by using their Veto right, is totally unacceptable and doesn't make any sense. It's really funny that the United States has used its Veto power 13 times, 11 of them were to protect Israel. I think the only solution for this situation, is by forming a parallel organization with more appropriate rules, and ask the countries in the whole world to join it and leave the UN with it's weird rules. I think the Arab countries may make such initiative, and gather as much members as they can.

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  1. Really ,,,,

    i d'nt know ,,,

    maybe it's time to kiss the U.N. (United Nations) goodbye

  2. Or you could just reform the UN security council, at least, so that:
    1. There is no veto.
    2. There are no permanent members.
    3. It controls it's own independent military force that is larger than that of the United States.

    The united nations has many good things about it you would not like to abandon: a body of fine international law, for example. That law just needs enforceability.

  3. Anonymous, I agree with you, but do you think that those who have the Veto will agree on this !?