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26 June 2007

Facebook - Friend Requests

Sometimes you receive friend requests for Facebook on an email address other than the one you used to register on Facebook. The problem is that when you press on the link at the end of that email, you have no choice but to register for a new account using the mail you received the request on.
Here you are an example of the links you receive in such emails:
So, in order to overcome this, just remove the "&r" part of the link. and you will not be asked to register for a new account then.

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  1. Thanks for the Info :-) ...
    This always happens to me ..receiving facebook Invitations on other email i don't use for Facebook

  2. this doesn't seem to work anymore... it just redirects you to a search results page with the person that made the friend request.

  3. @Dave,No, this is because that person has made his profile private. However you still can add him/her, while in the "&r" case you will not even be able to find them.