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07 June 2007

Social Vulnerability

I know that many of you are discussing Social Networking Services. We are all now obsessed with Facebook, Flickr, Twitter as well as Blogs. But let me ask you, isn't it risky to expose our personal info for anyone to see it. Photos, family members and friends names, daily routines, and much more, are just published and seen by hundreds, if not millions, of strangers.
Forget about those freak conspiracy theories. In fact if the CIA is going to waste its time gathering info about you and me then they must be idiots. But people with bad intentions can do various things with such info, from digitally manipulating your photos to Social Engineering.
Please watch this video to know what I am talking about.

One of the main problem with the published info online, that once it is out there, it is really hard to de-publish nor remove it.

But on the other hand, isn't it really fun to share what you are doing with your friends, I admit that despite all these concerns, I do blog and have a Flickr and Facebook accounts. I was able to find many old friends and create new ones as well from such services. Flickr made me interested in photography, and having an account there was the main motive for me to buy a dSLR Camera.

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