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08 October 2007

Jihad on Jihad

Jihad On You, it's yet another proof that social softwares can be totally pointless.

"Jihad on you! is a social website based on venting the frustrations we all feel on a daily basis by declaring a holy war against anything and everything that annoys us, no matter how petty or insignificant. Obviously the whole idea is a bit toungue-in-cheek", Jihad On You!

In this site you declare holy wars on stuff you hate in your life and people can see wars created by others, and use digg-style voting system in order to vote for the wars they like.

But wait a minute, why did they use the term "Jihad". Did the creators of this site choose an Islamic term in order to tease us? They even have a logo with a skull and bones in it like those used by pirates. Let's face it, those Scandinavians painters who drew Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), gained international fame by teasing us. And at the end of the day, people like me may find themselves forced to write about them in their blogs. May be others will arrange demonstrations and keep cursing them on TV and organize speeches to tell people the true meaning of Jihad. What a brilliant free marketing campaign for a silly web site!!?

"We’re not entirely sure how wise it is to borrow an Islamic religious term, and a somewhat twisted translation of its true meaning, in this post-9/11 world as your site’s title. It would strike us as a quick way to annoy a significant portion of the world’s population before you even get off the ground", Mashable.
"This is a great site, because the name is so random/offensive, that it will go viral in the blogosphere, bringing in tons of traffic. Kudos to the owner!", Mashable - Comment by Collin LaHay.

But don't you think that we are responsible for this!? We never tried to stop Bin Laden et al. from attacking civilians in the name of Jihad. We never tried to tell others that this is not Jihad, nor even Islam. We also continued to prove to everyone that we are as silly as children and all what they have to do is to tease us and will will start burning their countries' flags and demonstrate everywhere.

Finally, let me ask you, don't you have anything in your mind now that you want to declare a holy war on?! ;)

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  1. Interestingly, in a very recent post of mine, in my Arabic blog, I wrote under the title "Jihad against Mujahideen", or it can be Jihad against Jihad. I suggested declaring Jihad against those who, in the name of our faith, Islam, kill innocents. I think this idea should be popular: we Muslims need to fight those who cause destruction and corruption, even if they look like they are part of the Muslim community, because we have a clear order in the Quran to fight against any tribe among us who commits agression until they stop their agression.

  2. Well it is so our mistake that we did not explain what is the real Jihad , already the Muslims themselves forgot the meaning of Jihad itself !!??
    About the website , well if you want my opinion the website is crappy and those who go and comment in it are bunch of teenagers , look to their style in writing , web 2.0 nonsene
    strangely they did not call it Crusades !!

  3. Well, at least Wikipedia's current article on Jihad is informative, well-balanced, and conveiant of the non-holy-war side of it.
    If all what this site you're referring to will do is make westerners read Wikpedia's page, then so be it.

  4. We chose the name "Jihad on You" for a very simple and very mundane reason - we heard it in a movie. It made us laugh, so we made the site up based on that one little quote.

    We tried to convey a VERY non-serious approach (hence the little "Skully" character and the bright look-and-feel of the site) and were sure to include in our About pages that we were indeed mis-using and abusing the term jihad. We even pointed people to the Wikipedia page that was mentioned above.

    Our intention was not to offend, although we acknowledge that it will offend some. Our intention is also not to enter into serious conversations about the nature of jihad, but if those conversations are created because of our little insignificant site, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

    Thank you for listening!

    - Jihad on You!

  5. @Anonymous, Thanks a lot for your response.

  6. But it is kinda insulting to use jihad with skully character, at least to me. Jihad is something sacred and don't you think that those people were using the word of "jihad' due to their misconception about it; something for laugh????! My goodness. Plus, the word of jihad is really-holly related to the Muslim(s). No?

    Well, it depends. Each person has their own way of thinking. And they can even manipulate it in order to make their point(s) sounds good and acceptable.

  7. "Plus, the word of jihad is really-holly related to the Muslim(s). No?

    No. It exactly means "strife" نضال.

  8. No. It exactly means "strife" نضال.

    Oh God. For sure I know what does it means by jihad brother. The thing is, I just tryna make a significant with my point by saying that.

    JIHAD. This word inspires terror is some people, inspiration and motivation in others. Westerners view JIHAD as terrorism, as the irrational and extreme fight of Islamic Fundamentalists against non-Muslims, etc. Most Muslims view it as the noble fight against those who oppress us, like the fight in Palestine, Southern Thailand and many other countries. This definition is true.

  9. Thanks for the tip. i like it