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02 November 2007


You may ask what is that grey box found on the right hand side of my blog template. You know what, I am one of those bloggers who like to check their blog statistics everyday, and keep some fireworks beside their PC in order to celebrate the event of having 100,000 visitors to their blog. BlogRush is ... do you still remember Web Rings, it is a bit similar to Web Rings. Posts from other bloggers are displayed in this box, and so are your posts displayed on other bloggers blogs. It's like sharing traffic with other bloggers. However BlogRush is more intelligent than Web Rings, whenever someone visits your blog, you earn more points, and the more points you get, the more your posts are displayed on others blogs.
BlogRush is a "Cooperative Syndication Network." It's a network of blogs that run a small "widget" on their pages. Each time this widget is loaded it will contain 5 clickable headlines which are the blog post titles to other users' posts. Clicking on any of these links will open a new browser window and load the blog and full post. Users earn "syndication credits" based on each time their blog loads the widget as well as each time any of their referrals (users that signup after clicking the "add your blog posts" link on the widget) loads the widget. They also earn additional credit based on all the activity through 10 generations of referrals. 1 Syndication Credit = having one of their recent blog post titles served inside the widget on another member's blog.

Any way, if you like the idea and want to have a similar widget on your blog, go and click on the "Add you blog posts" link found on the widget.

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