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09 February 2012

Kippt = Delicious + Instapaper

When not coding, I like to write posts reviewing new Web2.0 services, it's fun, isn't it?

Dilicious & Instapaper

During the old days of the dial-up internet I used to visit pages, without reading them to keep them in my browser's cache to read them later. Later on, I started using, yeah, I started using almost after it was launched, and when its name was written in such domain hack way. At that time, Delicious was a hybrid of saving links for reading them later, a replacement for my browser's bookmarks, and more important, a way to discover interesting links and stuff to read via its social bookmarking capabilities. Almost a year ago when I got my first tablet, I started to explore the charm of reading my "to be read later" links from the couch or in bed, hence I started using Instapaper. It saves links, de-clutters the web-pages and syncs them to be read off-line. Now things started to get a bit confusing. How to sync my to-read links in Delicious to Instapaper? How to move the stuff I like in Instapaper to my Delicious for my future reference? If This Then That, or can be handy here, but still it works one way but not the other way round between Instapaper and Delicious.


Won't it be great to find a tool that does the two tasks? Kippt, which is pronounced like "Keep It", is both a bookmarking service and read-later tool. They have a GTD-isque interface with a boxes marked as Inbox, Read-Later, and Starred Items. It can also import your Instapaper, Diigo, Delicious bookmarks, as well as some other services. However they are still in early-stage, so there are some missing features that I'd like to see there, such as:
  • Android Application to sync my "Read Later" pages. Something a-la InstaFetch, and integration with Android's Share Button to save bookmarks from my Tablet/Phone while surfing the internet.
  • Bookmarked links aren't tagged. As I told you, I am an old Delicious user and I am used to tagging my bookmarks there. Don't know if they are going to add Folksonomy to bookmarks and may be tag stuff saved for later reading as well or not?
  • Some social features, i.e. be able to see my see my friends bookmarks, or for example see all bookmarks people saved under the term "Python".
  • API, so for example can create recipes to integrate more services with them. Let's say, I want to import all links in tweets I star on twitter to Kippt.
I am not sure if they are going to implement all those features, but I know for example that they will be releasing an API and Mobile App sometime soon.

Kippt: - @KipptApp


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  2. There's now a 3rd party application for Android. It lets you read your clips, add, share, ... Its name is Keep-it:

    Eric, The developer of Keep-it