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16 February 2012

Pinterested in getting new Glasses

You sure was hit with the hype of nowadays, Pinterest. I got an account there about a week ago, was not able to figure out what's that! Well, I added the "Pin It" to my browser and every now and then, I pin something there and then visit the site out of curiosity to find out how the pin will look like there. See, it doesn't look like a pinteresting website at all. Pun intended. But today I found a use for that website, and may be this is how it's meant to be used.

I want to buy new glasses, so once more out of curiosity I decided to search for men's glasses in the up left corner of Pinterest's homepage, and it's apparent according to the results that geeky plastic frames are hot nowadays ... wait a minute ... so this is gonna be a sort of social searching engine or something!? Why not? A generic search for something like Superman on Google gets you some results from Wikipedia and IMDB, while on Pinterest the results are different for the same search query. How about "Business Card Design" or "Future Technology"? See, there is a use for that thing.