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24 December 2012

Security Predictions For 2013

At this time of the year, experts like myself should write their predictions for the next year. So, have a seat, grab a sandwich, and read what my crystal ball says:

Fortune Teller - Predictions for 2013

  1. Computer attacks will get even more sophisticated:
    Attackers are going to develop more sophisticated attacks, and the tools they use will get more powerful and complex, they will be as complex as double cheese burger compared to the normal burger sandwich.
  2. Attacks will come from anywhere and everywhere:
    Attackers will not only attack from the door, they will also attack from the fireplace's chimney like Santa. Or, let's put it in a more professional way, attack surfaces will continue to expand. Remember, we've just said that attackers are now using double-cheese-burger-like tools, and the sauce now can come out from any layer to fall on your shirt. Beware of the pickles too!
  3. More security experts will be needed:
    Come on, we just said attacks are getting more complex and scary, so it is obvious that you will need to hire top-notch security experts to protect you.
  4. Security experts are so damn hard to be found:
    Wait, didn't I just say that you will need to hire security experts, and now I added that they are hard to be found!? Gotcha, this is the real reason behind writing this whole post, I am sorry to tell you pal, you are doomed my friend, unless you buy our uber-sophisticated-expensive-god-damn-useless security products!

Well, this is basically the type of posts you will read nowadays. And guess what, this is not only true for the computer security field, it is almost everywhere, so be prepared.

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