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24 December 2012

HCI Assignments

These are two reports that I've written as part of my Human-Computer Interaction course in University of East Anglia:

Mobile Observations
The first reports tries to shed the light on the ongoing trends in mobile phones usage. We will try to summarize how people are using their phones, whether offline or online. What content do they access online and how do they access it. And if there is a relationship between mobile usage and demographic differences. Finally, we will see how businesses are responding to these trends by adapting their online presence.
Mobile Observations Report

Usability Evaluation and Websites Design
Usability is defined by ISO/IEC 9241 as the extent to which software products satisfy the users' needs in an effective and efficient manner. In this study we introduce the various sets of usability evaluation and design guidelines available today. Then, we apply a subset of those evaluation guidelines to three accommodation booking websites, and attempt to offer an alternative design that covers the deficiencies found in our evaluation.
Website Evaluation

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