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03 January 2006

Cyber Friendship is Void

I think after more than 10 years of introducing the Internet to Egypt it has been proven that Cyber friendship is a big fake. It's next to impossible to get a friend from IM programs or web forums. Just talk to people you know or else you'll get stuck with desperate ill minded people online. Tags: , ,


  1. I don't know, one of my best friends now I met on IRC...

  2. Tarek, in many ways, I agree with you. This is especially true when it comes to chat rooms. However, when I began blogging, I found myself developing some quality cyber friendships, much to my surprise.

    Make no mistake, we all know that there are "desperate ill-minded people" in the blogosphere. (Even you touched on that in a previous post where you sampled random blogs. I still laugh about that.)

    Cyber friendships are just that - cyber friendships. I enjoy the networking opportunities. There are a few people with whom I've spent time offline via email. There are two people with whom I exchange instant messages.

    Bottom line: You are right. For the most part, if you are looking for quality cyber experiences, stick with people you know.

  3. Through the internet, my daughter met a girl who lives in Illinois, through another girl who lives in California. Summer before last she asked if Ally could come and spend a week. I said "sure", thinking no one would send their 17-year-old daughter across the continent to spend a week with a family they had not had so much as a phone conversation with. Ha ha. Shortly thereafter, we picked Ally up at the bus station and she spent a week with us. She turned out to be a very nice girl and we enjoyed having her. I think we broadened her horizons a bit - she remarked toward the end of that week that she'd eaten more vegetables at our house than she had the past several months.

    They're still very close - they email each other all the time and exchange birthday and Christmas presents.

  4. i dont know y u wrote these words. propably u got an experience to tell..
    however my words, should never give u the impression that i like such friendships.. not at all... but there i have a different expreience to tell,,

    nearly 60% of my dear friends r from another void... from the radio space...
    we've known each others for years now, listening n commenting on air.. untill back in the year .. i dont remebere.. its like 10 years or something.. we started knowing each other better coz of an online community we made..

    right now i feel i am totally blessed knowing them.. though i met only 50% of them :)

    u should always look at both sides of the coin..

  5. I dunno man I guess it all depends on your luck. I met one of 2 of my best friends when we were all high school sophomores (14 yrs old) in a chat room. Now we're all 23 and in college and still the best of friends as a matter of fact we're going to a museum tomorrow.

  6. There is no specific experience, but the point is that I feel that it is a big waste of time.

  7. ya3ni wallahi it depends!...disregarding the horny ppl. in chartrooms u can find a lot of nice ppl around the globe!...i had a great experience with the Syrian Bloggers group...can i change ur mind ;P...