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09 January 2006

Online Pharmacies ... F**K **u!

I am totally pissed off of these spammers who keep on sending me bzillions of mails everyday about drugs, Rolex watches, low prices softwares, or even some cryptica mails written in Turkish. I've switched from MS Outlook to Thunderbird because it supposed to be able to categorize spam mails better, also Evolution on Linux claims that it can fight spam, but it seems that these mother f**kers like to play seek and hide with me. Tags: , ,


  1. Gee, Tarek! Calm down! I truly understand your frustration. It's very annoying. And for those of us with a certain set of values, the content of some of this spam is offensive. Yahoo does a great job of filtering spam for me.

    That reminds me. I have to empty more than 6,200 messages now sitting in my bulk mail folder. I am so glad that messages in the bulk mail folder no longer count toward my mail storage quota. For a long time, I was plagued so badly by spam that it pushed my email account over quota on a regular basis. That is no longer the case.

    Let us know how Thunderbird works for you. In the meantime, take slow breaths and relax. :-)

  2. What irritates me is that you can carefully guard your e-mail address, but let just ONE person send you one of those stupid forwards that nobody wants, to everybody in their address book, so that your e-mail adress is listed along with everybody else's, and it's only a matter of time till the spam shows up. I wish people would not do that.