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13 January 2006

Xfce Rulez

Xfce is one of the best looking Window Managers I've seen lately, I've just installed it today and I think I am going to switch from Gnome (i.e. Metacity) to it. Tags: , ,


  1. Hey ;)

    After all that time you spent with XFCE , do you still use it?

    I thikn Gnome is really nice ....

  2. Actually I use both of them, I have them both installed here and switch between them all the time. The are some applications (Panel Applets) that are in Gnome only. Also XFCE doesn't show the desktop icons however there is some tool - I thin it is called iDesk or so - that can make it show them. But on the other hand XFCE is prettier and its panels and menus are organized more.